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About Me

Hi, I'm Juliann!

I'm first and foremost a mom of two incredible kids.  Through them, I discovered my love of photography and capturing life's little moments.  I believe that every moment in childhood is worth preserving, from gummy grins and cozy, curly poses to tight family hugs and candid playtime.  As I've watched my children grow and change, I've learned that these moments pass far too quickly and fade with time.  My goal is to help you remember them in beautiful portraits you can keep and share for a lifetime. 

There are a lot of photographers out there. I get it - it can be confusing! How do you look past the investment to choose who is the best fit to be YOUR photographer?
When you are hiring a newborn or family photographer, there is so much more than pricing to consider! Years of experience, safety measures taken, artistic ability, and your own comfort with someone to capture these moments are all factors to take into consideration. 

Pressing pause to capture these fleeting moments is priceless - within weeks, your little one’s looks will change, they won't sleep quite so much, and those sweet curly poses won't be possible. You get only one chance to photograph your little one so new! 

You’ll want to look for someone who knows what sounds baby makes when they’re hungry or tired or uncomfortable and how to adjust in those moments, who can customize your session for you - colors, poses, and photos you want in your home…someone who makes YOU their top priority through the entire process. You'll want to look for someone who knows how to work with children (or dads!) who just aren't having it that day.  I do. With over 10 years of experience working with hundreds of newborns and families, you can be confident in my ability to work with your little one safely while keeping you comfortable and relaxed! 

Candid images you take on your phone are important - seriously, snap away and don’t stop! But, there is nothing that compares to professional images and the memories they preserve. Contact me to set up your session today!